About Old Wooden Bookshelf

The Old Wooden Bookshelf is all about reading and books. I want to share my passion for reading as a way of learning and growing. Reading is not just boring school assignments that were forced upon you, it is finding authors who you respect and can teach you something that you can immediately apply to your life.

We have access to books written by some of the brightest people in history who we will never be able to meet in person.

My goal for this blog is to share the books that I'm reading, and the insights I gain from them. I want to turn people on to some books they have never heard of, and even inspire non-readers to become readers. Even if you never do read any of the books I mention here, I hope I can share some of the nuggets I've gained from my own reading.


About Me

I graduated from Appalachian State University, where I studied English Literature and Mandarin Chinese. I recently moved to Los Angeles, California. I keep a little journal here.

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The Old Wooden Bookshelf is a collaborative effort.

The website would not be what it is without Brennen Smith. He is a professional at designing awesome websites. He makes the complicated behind the scenes work seem easy. Check out his work at www.lazarusdesignteam.com.

My administrator, Gayle Robertson, is also essential. I tend to be a reclusive reader and writer. Without her efforts, you probably would have never heard about this website.



I can be contacted at chris@oldwoodenbookshelf.com


-Chris Robertson